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ATN95 face mask

The ATN95 protective face mask is light and breathable and is equipped with an exhalation valve that allows the wearer's breath to escape from the mask without allowing airborne particles to enter. 

- It has 5 layers of protection and an adjustable nose clip, which reduces fogging and provides a secure seal, along with two comfortable Polyurethane & Polyester elastic straps. 

- The outermost layer has a specific coarse particle filter with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95% and the second layer has droplet protection while the innermost layers have bacteria filter and moisture control giving it low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency, keeping  you away from any toxins and harmful substances in the air. 

- Its lightweight construction makes it a comfortable choice that you can wear for longer durations effortlessly. 

- Available in four different colours, these protection masks are washable and reusable. 

Important note: 

1. Kindly be careful with the nose clip as it is made with soft and malleable metal which could break if handled roughly. 

2. Please make sure you do not share your face mask with anyone. 

Dimensions: 160*115*80mm