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Virola international also uses the expertise of leading European designers who lead a team of creative professionals to design top of the line footwear. Virola international brings to your feet the world of fashion with innovative new designs that keep pace with the latest international trends.

International Design Trends

The expertise of leading European designers is deployed to create the best-designed merchandises and they lead a team of creative professionals to design top-of-the-line footwear. The Virola designers are the limitless proclaimers of the men’s shoe artisanal art. They are the individuals who achieve the highest level of artisanal excellence. Their skill is instilled in all the unseen details that differentiate virola’s shoes.

Every shoe is the result of the Virola method, a process matchless to the company that passes 150 steps and more than 30 hours of effective workmanship. Under the supervision of our experts, each pair comes to life thanks to more than 3000 meticulously hidden stitches made by hand.