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Virola international is a fast growing export company, engaged in the manufacturing of men and women’s leather footwear. There is a cluster of five factories under the company. Always in pace with time, Virola international is recognized as one of the world’s widest researching companies, with global presence across various countries.

The footwear of Virola is synonymous with high fashion, supreme quality combined with extreme comfort and great durability. Virola international strives to listen to its customer and constantly attempts to identity their footwear needs, to ensure that the company provides footwear that exceeds their customer’s expectation in terms of quality, style and values.


To this day, Virola shoes have remained uncompromising in their quality, representing integrity, heritage, and performance by preserving a high-quality, authentic product made with the finest materials. As one of the oldest footwear exporters in the nation, Virola continues to provide overachievers everywhere with authentic and dependable classic high-quality footwear made to withstand countless adventures for years to come.